Adult Life Groups

Young Families


Join us at 7pm every Wednesday night to hang out, develop friendships, look deeper into Scripture, as well as worship and praying for one another!

To find out more, please call (717) 818-4739 or 



women's Life group

Our women's life group meets Wednesdays at 7:00PM with Pastor Janice bringing the Word. The messages are brought to serve as a refreshing look at the Word as a mother, sister, or daughter. We thrive when we have fellowship over the Word and our goal is to help each woman reach her fullest potential in her life with the calling God has put on their lives. If you'd like more information about the current series being discussed, feel free to contact Pastor Janice Pelonero!


pastor's life group 

Pastor's life group meets Wednesdays at 7:00PM with Pastor John Pelonero going further into the series spoken about the previous Sunday. He brings an in depth look at what God is showing him through his current series, and has a laid back atmosphere for interaction and discussion. For more information about the current series, check out our sermons!